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A Living History Re-enactors Paradise

Valhalla Haus was created out of love for history and of ancient times, specifically the Viking Age. This is where the concept sprung from the act of role playing as a character at a local Renaissance Faire to a living, breathing, historical reproduction Medieval Dark Ages group of villagers that would draw interest from all corners of the world.  When visiting with Valhalla Haus Vikings you will experience something unique and extraordinary.

The concept of a re-enactment as a "Living History" event is to portray the lifestyle in medieval times of the Viking Age where ship building, archery, handicrafts, music, storytelling, farming and fighting were as common place as the computer age is today. The Viking re-enactment movement is an international cultural phenomenon, which features a great number of participants united by a mutual interest in history and fellowship.

Not all of the old world ways have been lost to modern times. Today we see a resurgence of Medieval and related Renaissance Faires.  This is where people go not only to see spectacular costumes and spend the day losing themselves as part of a bygone era, but more and more interest appears to be in the genuine research and development in all aspects of the historical record.

We at Valhalla Haus strive to bring you an experience you will always remember and hope to tell your friends and family about. It in is this forum of combined education and entertainment that we bring this wonderful ideal for your enjoyment.

Please take your time browsing through our website and especially the links below. They are packed with informative information about the life and times of the Viking culture which continues to have an impact even during modern times.

Come! Let's make history!

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