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Revised: August 06, 2013

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about us

We're Steve and Sam, your hosts of this website and also known by our Viking names as Sven & Cara Thorsen.

We began this journey through reenactments many years ago in another genre in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest where American  Rendezvous and Indian Pow-Pows were more common than the Renaissance and Medieval age.

Having moved to the south there were limited events to attend, but we soon discovered a new form of entertainment called  the Renaissance Faire.

With both of us loving all things historical, we decided to take the jump into this new "old world" era by drawing on our heritage..

While testing out these new waters, it took only our 2nd year before we discovered our Viking personas and developed our own flair for this unique and challenging makeover.

As a result of this new lifestyle we have accumulated a fine array of related clothing, weapons, armor and historical artifacts. >>>

Come! Let's make history!

Sven & Cara Thorsen
aka Steve & Sam

 We've also met some really wonderful folks in our travels; some infamous and some not, but many of which have become close friends, allies and like members of our own family. We love them all...

We've spoken often about our dream of creating our own historical 10th century Viking village, but due to limited resources and bad economic times, we've changed direction once again and plan on being just reenactors and faire participants. And although our dreams are dashed, we continue to enjoy playing in a time gone by and meeting some fantastic and creative folks who have a love for this lifestyle as well.

This fits quite well within our Viking personas and also with our love of history.

If you should happen to find your way through the Kings lands at the various faires we visit and see us there, please don't forget to stop us and say hello.

We always welcome weary travelers and folks who want to step back in time and chat for a spell. ~



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